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Associated Members

Foto: Thomas Josek

Please note: As the Research Training Group ended in 2017, this website is no longer updated.



The structured program of GK SOCLIFE is not only beneficial to the privileged circle of SOCLIFE scholarship holders. SOCLIFE enhances the pursuit of knowledge beyond its scholarship holders. The many workshops and courses that are organized by SOCLIFE, either on its own or in cooperation with other institutions inside or outside from the University of Cologne, are accessible to all interested persons. Interested scientists in the field of international comparative quantitative research can apply for a membership at SOCLIFE.

Associated Members

Dr. Carl C. Berning
Research Interests: Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties, Political Sociology, Advanced Research Methods

Wiebke Breustedt
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Empirical Democratic Theory, Political Psychology, Political Culture, Comparative Research on Political Attitudes in Cross-Cultural Surveys, Political Methodology

Romana Careja, PhD
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Post-Communist Transformation, Migration

Dr. Sabine Diabaté
Research Interests: Social Inequality, Migration, Turkish Migrants in Germany, Social Capital, Quality in Marriages or Intimate Relationships, Familiy Conflicts and Interaction

Marion Fischer-Neumann
Research Interests: Immigrant Integration, Social Identification, Quantitative Research Methods

Dr. Marco Gießelmann
Research Interests: Labour Market Sociology, Empirical Research Methods in Social Science

Nils Heinrich
Research Interests: Epidemiology, Social Network Analysis, Gerontology, Social Psychology and Methodology of Empirical Research

Vanessa Köneke
Research Interests: Euthanasia, Suicide in the elderly, Nostalgia, Life course, Religiosity and Spirituality

Dr. Luis Maldonado
Research Interests: Poverty, Welfare State, Family, Goal-Framing Theory, Longitudinal Surveys, Causal Analysis, Latin America

Damaris Rose
Research Interests: Social Stratification, Labor Market Sociology, Social Indicators Research, Advanced Multivariate Statistical Methods

Hawal Shamon
Research Interests: Social Justice, Social Inequality, Empirical Research Methods in Social Sciences

Christoph Spörlein
Research Interests: Immigrant Integration, Social Stratification, Statistical Methods

Christian Weyand
Research Interests: Information and Transparency in Politics, Impact of the Internet on Democracy, Welfare State and Social Inequality, Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences

Dr. Alexander Schmidt-Catran
Research Interests: Social Inequality, Social Mobility, Income Distribution, Class and Class Conflict, Comparative Welfare State Analysis, Advanced Multivariate Statistics

Dr. Conrad Ziller
Research Interests: Social and Political Implications of Ethnic Diversity, Immigrant Integration Policy, Political Extremism