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PhD Student

Andreea Constantin

About Andreea Constantin
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Topic of dissertation project:

Attitudes towards gender roles: institutions, culture or/and individual factors shaping the attitudes towards gender roles?

  • Malina Voicu & Andreea Constantin (2011): How employment status shapes the attitudes towards gender roles?. International Conference "The Value(s) of Europe". Tilburg, 23-25 November, 2011.

  • Malina Voicu & Andreea Constantin (2012): Attitudes towards gender roles in Europe: Modernization and social institutions. European Values Study Workshop. Lausanne, 22-24 November, 2012.

  • Malina Voicu & Andreea Constantin (2012): Measurements of attitudes towards gender roles in cross-cultural surveys. Internal and external validity. Social justice and democratization - The Second International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology. Buenos Aires, 01-04 August, 2012.

  • Malina Voicu & Andreea Constantin. Unemployment and attitudes towards gender roles. The Third International Laboratory for Comparative Social Research Workshop, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, 25-30 April, 2013.

  • Malina Voicu & Andreea Constantin. Attitudes towards gender equality among immigrants: exposure or transferability. The fifth Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 15-19 July, 2013.

  • Andreea Constantin - attended and participated at the organization of the Fifth International Community, Work and Family, 17-19 July 2013, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

Books (co-author)
  • Voicu, Malina; Constantin, Andreea (2014): Attitudes towards gender roles in Europe: modernization and social institutions. In: Arts, Wil; Halman, Loek (Hrsg.): Value contrasts and consensus in present-day Europe: painting Europe's moral landscapes. European Values Studies; 15; Leiden: Brill, S. 311-328.
  • Voicu, Malina; Constantin Andreea (2012): "Religious revival in Romania: between cohort replacement and contextual changes". In Pickel, Gert; Sammet, Kornelia (Hrsg.): Transformations of religiosity in Central and Eastern Europe 1989-2010, Wiesbaden: Springer VS, S. 155-174.
Peer-reviewed journals
  • Constantin, Andreea (2012). Gender Beliefs Measurement. How a Slightly Different Wording of the Same Question Changes the Story. Social Change Review. Vol. 10, No. 1.