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PhD Student

Conrad Ziller

Topic of dissertation project:
Immigration and Social Trust
Research Interest
  • Social and political implications of ethnic diversity

  • Immigrant integration policy

  • Political extremism


Ziller, C. and Schübel, T. (2015): "The Pure People" versus "the Corrupt Elite"? Political Corruption, Political Trust and the Success of Radical Right Parties in Europe. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties. 25(3): 368-386.

Ziller, C. (2015): Ethnic Diversity, Economic and Cultural Contexts, and Social Trust: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Evidence from European Regions, 2002-2010. Social Forces 93 (3): 1211-1240.

Ziller, C. (2014): Societal Implications of Antidiscrimination Policy in Europe.
Research & Politics 1 (3): 1-9.

Conference presentations

2014, 2013: Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA).

2014, 2013, 2012: Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA).