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PhD Student

Lydia Malin

  • Lydia Malin GK SOCLIFE

About Lydia Malin

Lydia Malin was a PhD student in the SOCLIFE research training group at the University of Cologne (Germany). She studied social sciences (B.A.) at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and Sociology and Empirical Social Research (M.Sc.) at the University of Cologne.


(Preliminary) Topic of dissertation project:

Occupational Gender Segregation in Germany - Analyzing individual and contextual influences on preferences, access routes and employment trajectories.

Research Interests

Empirical Research on Education and Labor Markets, Vocational Education and Training, Occupational Research

Methods of Empirical Research, e.g. Linear and Logistic Regression Analysis, Multi-level Analysis, Sequence Analysis, Event History Analysis

Work in progress

"Glass Ceilings, Glass Escalators and Revolving Doors: Comparing Gendered Occupational Trajectories and the Upward Mobility of Men and Women in West Germany", co-authored with Ramsey Wise

"Boys’ gender-atypical occupational aspirations: Contextual influences of peers and local labour markets on boys' job aspirations in Germany", co-authored with Prof. Marita Jacob

"Career Patterns in Gender-atypical Occupations: Gender or Occupation Driven?"

"Gendered occupational aspirations of boys and girls in Germany: The different impact of local VET Markets", co-authored with Prof. Marita Jacob