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PhD Student

Robert Birkelbach

About Robert Birkelbach

Robert Birkelbach was a PhD candidate at the Research Training Group SOCLIFE in Cologne (Germany), where he did research on social capital of children and their parents in the context of secondary schools.

His advisors are Clemens Kroneberg and Lea Ellwardt.

Robert obtained his master of science degree at Utrecht University (the Netherlands) in Methodology and Statistics of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

His master thesis topic was on when results of posterior model probabilities of directed hypotheses and the posterior probability of a parameter to be larger than some value (e.g. 0 when the direction is of interest) yield the same results in the context of path models or structural equation models.

Before that, he obtained a bachelor of arts degree at Mannheim University (Germany) in Sociology with a minor in Ethics and Cultural Philosophy.


Research Interests
Analytical Sociology, Education, Delinquent Behavior, Social Network Analysis, and (Bayesian) Statistics.