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Please note: As the Research Training Group ended in 2017, this website is no longer updated.

 -> A list of all publications of SOCLIFE students and associates can be found here.

Peer-reviewed journals


  • Berning, Carl C. (2016). Contextual perceived group threat and radical right-wing populist party preferences: Evidence from Switzerland. Research and Politics 3 (1). (online)
  • Berning, Carl C. / Schlüter, Elmar (2016). The dynamics of radical right-wing populist party preferences and perceived group threat: A comparative panel analysis of three competing hypotheses in the Netherlands and Germany. Social Science Research 55, 83-93. (online)


  • Berning, Carl C. / Weiß, Bernd (2015). Publication bias in the German social sciences: an application of the caliper test to three top-tier German social science journals. Quality & Quantity. (online)
  • Kottwitz, Anita / Oppermann, Anja and Spiess, C.Katharina (2015). Parental leave benefits and breastfeeding in Germany: effects of the 2007 reform. Review of Economics of the Household. (online)


  • Constantin, Andreea and Voicu, Malina (forthcoming). Attitudes Towards Gender Roles in Cross-Cultural Surveys: Content Validity and Cross-Cultural Measurement Invariance. Social Indicators Research. (online)
  • Ko, Pei-Chun and Hank, Karsten (forthcoming). Grandparents caring for grandchildren in China and Korea: Findings from CHARLS and KLoSA. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences
  • Oppermann, Anja (forthcoming). Exploring the Relationship between Educational Field and Transition to Parenthood - An Analysis of Women and Men in Western Germany. European Sociological Review. (online)
  • Ziller, Conrad (2014). Ethnic Diversity, Economic and Cultural Contexts, and Social Trust: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Evidence from European Regions, 2002-2010. Social Forces. DOI: 10.1093/sf/sou088 (online)
  • Ziller, Conrad (forthcoming). Societal Implications of Antidiscrimination Policy in Europe. Research & Politics.
  • Ziller, Conrad and Schübel, Thomas (forthcoming). “The Pure People” versus “the Corrupt Elite?” Political Corruption, Political Trust and the Success of Radical Right Parties in Europe. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties.


  • Hank, Karsten and Wagner, Michael. 2013. Parenthood, marital status, and well-being in later life: Evidence from SHARE. Social Indicators Research 114 (2), 639-653.
  • Schaffrin, André. 2013. Who pays for climate mitigation? An empirical investigation on the social impact of climate policy. Energy and Buildings59, 265-272. DOI: 10.1016/j.enbuild.2012.12.033. (online)
  • Schmidt, Alexander and Spies, Dennis (in press). Do parties “playing the race card” undermine natives’ support for redistribution? Evidence from Europe. Comparative Political Studies, first published on May 23, 2013 as doi:10.1177/0010414013488542. (online)
  • Stavrova, Olga. 2013. Why are religious people happy? The effect of the social norm of religiosity across countries. Social Science Research 42(1), 90-105. (with Detlef Fetchenhauer and Thomas Schlösser). (online)
  • Stavrova, Olga. 2013. Are virtuous people happy all around the world? Civic virtue, antisocial punishment, and subjective well-being across cultures. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 39(7), 927-942. (with Detlef Fetchenhauer and Thomas Schlösser). (online)
  • Stavrova, Olga (in press). Life satisfaction and job search behavior of the unemployed: the effect of individual differences in justice sensitivity. Applied psychology: An international review, first published online 3 June 2013, DOI: 10.1111/apps.12009 (with Thomas Schlösser and Anna Baumert). (online)


  • Bennett, Jenny. 2012. Ungleichheiten auf dem Arbeitsmarkt aufgrund von Bildungsunterschieden und die Rolle der Arbeitsmarktderegulierung. Zeitschrift für Sozialreform 58(3), 289-313. (online)
  • Careja, Romana. 2012. Making democratic citizens. The effects of migration experience on political attitudes in Central and Eastern Europe. Comparative Political Studies 45(7), 871-898 (with P. Emmenegger). (online)
  • Kuntz, Anabel. 2012. Wachsendes Angebot - träge Nachfrage. Eine Analyse des deutschen Radiomarktes von 1977 bis 2009. Publizistik 57(3): 315 – 332 (with Jörg Hagenah and Heiner Meuleman).
  • Kuntz, Anabel. 2012. Congruence and performance of value concepts in social research. Survey Research Methods 6: 13-24 (with Tilo Beckers and Pascal Siegers).  (online)
  • Stavrova, Olga. 2012. Cohabitation, gender, and happiness: A cross-cultural study in 30 countries. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 43(7), 1063-1081. (with Detlef Fetchenhauer and Thomas Schlösser). (online)


  • Bennett, Jenny. 2011. Mehr Lohngerechtigkeit durch Mindestlöhne? Die Gerechtigkeitswahrnehmung von Geringverdienern. Sozialer Fortschritt 60(7), 143-150 (with H. Lesch). (online)
  • Careja, Romana. 2011. Paths to policy coherence in creating market economies in Central and Eastern Europe. International Political Science Review 32(3), 345-366.      (online)
  • Pfoertner, Timo. 2011. Income or living standard and health in Germany: different ways of measurement of relative poverty with regard to self-rated health. International Journal of Public Health 56, 373-384. (with H.J. Andress and C. Janssen). (online)
  • Schaffrin, André. 2011. No measure without concept. A critical review on the conceptualization and measurement of environmental concern. International Review of Social Research 1(3). (online)
  • Spies, Dennis. 2011. A two-dimensional approach on the political opportunity structure of extreme right parties in Western Europe. West European Politics 34(5), 1044-1069. (with Simon Franzmann). (online)
  • Stavrova, Olga. 2011. Are the unemployed equally unhappy all around the world? The role of the social norms to work and welfare state provision in 28 OECD countries. Journal of Economic Psychology 32(1), 159-171. (with Detlef Fetchenhauer and Thomas Schlösser). (online)
  • Wengler, Annelene. 2011. The health status of first- and second-generation Turkish immigrants in Germany. International Journal of Public Health 56(5), 493-501. (online)


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  • Stavrova, Olga. 2010. Modification of a school programme in the Deutsches Museum to enhance students’ attitudes and understanding. International Journal of Science Education 32(17), 2291 - 2310 (with D. Urhahne). (online)


  • Careja, Romana. 2009. The politics of public spending in post-communist countries. East European Politics & Societies 23(2), 165-184. (with Patrick Emmenegger). (online)
  • Moehring, Katja. 2009. Erwerbsverläufe beim Übergang in den Ruhestand. WSI-Mitteilungen 62(11),  586-595. (with Peter Krause and Tanja Zähle). (online)
  • Wengler, Annelene. 2009. Alles wie gehabt? Zur Aufteilung von Hausarbeit und Elternaufgaben in Partnerschaften. Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaften 34(1?2), 59?80 (with Heike Trappe and Christian Schmitt). (online)

Edited Volumes


  • Careja, Romana. 2013. The 'Other' Dualism: Welfare State Nationalism and Migratory Policies in Western Europe. In Andrzej Marcin Suszycki and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski (eds.), European Welfare States - Citizenship, Nationalism and Conflict. Fibre Verlag. (with Patrick Emmenegger).
  • Careja, Romana. 2013. Keeping Them Out: Migration and Social Policies in the 'Reluctant Countries of Immigration'. In Andrzej Marcin Suszycki and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski (eds.): Citizenship and Identity in the Welfare State. Nomos Verlag. (with Patrick Emmenegger).
  • Schaffrin, A. forthcoming. The new social risks and opportunities of climate change. In Fitzpatrick, T. (ed.). International Handbook on Social Policy & the Environment. Edward Elgar.


  • Careja, Romana. 2012. From dilemma to dualisation: Social and migration policies in the ‘reluctant countries off immigration. In Patrick Emmenegger, Silja Häusermann, Bruno Palier, and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser (eds.) The Age of Dualization:Structures, Policies, Politics, and Divided Outcomes. Oxford University Press. (with Patrick Emmenegger).


  • Siegers, Pascal. 2010. A Multiple Group Latent Class Analysis of Religious Orientations in Europe. In Eldad Davidov, Jacques Billet, and Peter Schmidt (eds.) Cross-Cultural Analysis: Methods and Applications. London: Taylor and Francis.
  • Siegers, Pascal. 2010. Comparing Basic Human Values in East and West Germany. In Tilo Beckers, Klaus Birkelbach, Jörg Hagenah, and Ulrich Rosar (eds.) Vergleichende Sozialforschung. Wiesbaden: Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften (with Eldad Davidov).


  • Careja, Romana. 2009. The Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion: Social Policy, Migration Politics and Welfare State Nationalism. In: Welfare Citizenship and Welfare Nationalism, Ed. Andrzej Marcin Suszycki. Nordwel: Helsinki. (with Patrick Emmenegger).
  • Siegers, Pascal. 2009. Performance of the European Union and Euroscepticism. In Dieter Fuchs, Raul Magni-Berton, and Antoine Roger (eds.) Euroscepticism. Images of Europe among mass publics and political elites. New York: Barbara Budrich.

Editor Reviewed


  • Schaffrin, André. 2012. Review: Global commons, domestic decisions by Kathryn Harrison and Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom (Hrsg.) Political Studies Review 10 (1): 124. DOI:10.1111/j.1478-9302.2011.00252_6.x.
  • Schaffrin, André. 2012. Who pays for climate change? In Proceedings of the 35th Congress of the German Society for Sociology, Transnationalism and Society, 11.-15. Okt. 2010 in Frankfurt/Main.


  • Bennett, Jenny. 2010. Arbeit und Fairness – die Suche nach dem gerechten Lohn. IW-Analysen 59. Forschungsberichte aus dem Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln. (with H. Lesch).

GK SOCLIFE Working Paper Series

  • Schaffrin, André. 2012. Living Green but Poor? - Investigating Inequality in Household Energy Costs among Income Groups. GK SOCLIFE WP 11/2012
  • Schaffrin, André. 2011. Environmental Concern for Climate Change - A Welfare State Perspective. GK SOCLIFE WP 8/2011.
  • Schmidt, Alexander. 2011. The Experience of Social Mobility and the Formation of Attitudes Toward Redistribution. GK SOCLIFE WP 6/2011.
  • Shamon, Hawal, and Hans-Jürgen Andreß. 2011. Daten über die personelle Einkommensverteilung: Was man beachten sollte. GK SOCLIFE WP 7/2011.
  • Hank, Karsten, and Michael Wagner. 2010. Parenthood, partnership status, and well-being in later life: Evidence from SHARE. GK SOCLIFE WP 4/2010.
  • Niehues, Judith. 2010. Social spending generosity and income inequality: A dynamic panel approach. GK SOCLIFE WP 3/2010.
    Spies, Dennis. 2010. Why the working-class turned Right. GK SOCLIFE WP 1/2010.
  • Spies, Dennis, and Simon Franzmann. 2010. A two-dimensional approach to the political opportunity structure of Extreme Right Parties in Western Europe. GK SOCLIFE WP 2/2010.
  • Spies, Dennis. 2010. Why the working-class turned Right. GK SOCLIFE WP 1/2010.
  • Wengler, Annelene. 2010. The Influence of Immigrant Status on Health. Exploring the Subjective Health Status of First and Second Generation Turkish Immigrants in Germany. GK SOCLIFE WP 5/2010.

Other working paper series

  • Niehues, Judith. 2010. Social Spending Generosity and Income Inequality: A Dynamic Panel Approach. SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research 336.
  • Niehues, Judith. 2010. Equality of Opportunity and Redistribution in Europe. IZA Discussion Paper No. 5375. http://ftp.iza.org/dp5375.pdf. (with L. Dunnzlaff, D. Neumann, A. Peichl).

(As of July 2011)